DO: Computation Facility Scientific Advisory Committee (CFSAC)

Current Members and Term

Alyssa Goodman RG Through June 2015
Lisa Paton HEA Through June 2015
Mike Eisenhower CE Through June 2016
Paul Edmon TA Through June 2017
Sylvain Korzennik SSP Through June 2016
Sean Moran OIR Through June 2017
Raid Suleiman AMP Through June 2017
Roger Brissenden (ex officio)    


Ideally, one member from each scientific division, one member each from the Central Engineering and Science Education Departments, and one member external to the CfA. All members and the Committee Chair are to be appointed by the Director in consultation with the Associate Directors and the CF DM. The Chair is expected to consult no less than monthly with the CF DM on matters of CF policy and scientific computing issues. The steady-state length of term on the CFSAC will be three years. Members can be re-appointed for additional terms.


1. Serve as an advisory body to the Computation Facility (CF) in matters regarding scientific computing and policy.

2. Help the CF Department Manager (DM) formulate and regularly monitor a scientific strategic plan for the CF.

3. Act as a consulting body for the Associate Directors and Director on matters of scientific computing and, at least annually, provide to them an oral or written report on CfA computing matters.

4. At least annually, solicit input from and inform CfA scientists about issues and policies concerning scientific computing at the CfA. Accept input from CfA scientists any time such input is provided.

5. Provide a review of the computing requirements for major projects undertaken at the CfA including the implication of these requirements on the CF.

6. Keep the CF informed and involved as to upcoming events, such as conferences and proposal deadlines, which will have an operational impact on the CF.

7. Keep the CF informed and updated as to new initiatives in the astronomical computing field, such as the National Virtual Observatory, and assist the CF in defining its appropriate role and responsibilities resulting from these new initiatives.


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