DO: Library Committee

Current Members and Term:

Alberto Accomazzi HEA Through June 2015
Wystan Benbow OIR Through June 2015
Ian Czekala Stdnt Rep Through June 2015
Youli Gordon, Chair AMP Through June 2015
Josh Grindlay AST Through June 2016
Soren Meibom TA Through June 2016
Qizhou Zhang RG Through June 2016
Nancy Brickhouse (ex officio)
Chris Erdmann (ex officio)


Eight members, with at least one member from each scientific division. Members are usually appointed in June by the Director for three academic years with reappointment allowed and expiration terms staggered appropriately. The Chairperson is appointed by the Director for two academic years, with reappointment possible.


The Library Committee works with and advises the Library Department Manager and informs the Director on the appropriate role of the CfA Library in support of the CfA's research and educational missions. The committee's goals include guiding the Library (1) to improve access to the most important parts of the Library's physical collection, (2) to make the Library's space at 60 Garden Street an active center for research and scientific interaction, (3) to implement modern search and database tools, and (4) to explore the Library's potential role in maintaining data archives. The overarching goal of the Committee is to promote CfA access to the broad range of information required to conduct modern astrophysical research and to place the Library at the center of the CfA's intellectual life.


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