DO: Promotion Review Committee for Engineers (PRCE)

Current Members and Term

Gabor Furesz SSP Through June 2015
Ralph Kraft HEA Through June 2015
Brian McLeod, Chair OIR Through June 2015
Paul Reid HEA Through June 2015
Bill Podgorski CE Through June 2016
Scott Paine RG Through June 2016
Laura Conway (ex officio)


The Committee includes senior scientists who have extensive knowledge of the developmental engineering work performed at the CfA, as well as engineers from Central Engineering who are technical experts in one or more speciality areas. Committee members will be appointed to a fixed term of two years, with the possibility of renewal. The Chair will be appointed by the Director and will also serve for a two-year term, with the possibility of renewal. The Director of Human Resources will serve on the Committee as a permanent, non-voting member to provide advice on personnel-related concerns and processes.


To provide a forum for discussion and assessment of individual professional accomplishments in engineering at the grade levels 13 through 15, and to review proposals for promotion to these grades. For proposals for promotion to the senior level, a special senior-level ad-hoc committee will be formed.


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