DO: Scientific Computation Advisory Committee

Current Members and Term

Jim Babb AMP Through June 2019
Daina Bouquin LIB Through June 2020
Igor Chillingaryan OIR Through June 2019
Paul Edmon TA Through June 2020
Iouli Gordon, Chair AMP Through June 2020
Nick Murphy HEA Through June 2019
Matt Payne SSP Through June 2020
Jonathan Weintroub RG Through June 2021
Nancy Brickhouse DO (ex officio)
Roger Brissenden DO (ex officio)
Sylvain Korzennik SSP (ex officio)
Van McGlasson CF (ex officio)


Ideally, one member from each scientific division (including TA). All members and the Committee Chair are to be appointed by the Director in consultation with the Associate Directors. The CF Department Chair, Senior Science Advisor, and Deputy Director should be members ex officio. The term length will be three years, with re-appointment possible for additional terms.


1. Formulate and regularly monitor a scientific computing strategic plan for the CfA.

2. Act as a consulting body for the Associate Directors and Director on matters of scientific computing and, at least annually, provide to them an oral or written report on CfA computing matters.

3. At least annually, solicit input from and inform CfA scientists about issues and policies concerning scientific computing at the CfA. Accept input from CfA scientists any time such input is provided

4. Provide a review of the computing requirements for major projects undertaken at the CfA, including the implications of these requirements on the CF, the Hydra Cluster at Herndon, and any other available facilities.


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