DO: Telescope Time Allocation Committee

Current Members and Term:

Jeremy Drake HEA Ad hoc
Daniel Eisenstein OIR Through September 2016
Martin Elvis HEA Ad hoc
Paul Green HEA Through September 2015
Scott Kenyon, Chair SSP Through September 2015
Robert Kirshner OIR Ad hoc
David Latham SSP Through September 2015
Alexey Vikhlinin HEA Through September 2015


The members and chair are chosen by the Associate Director of OIR in consultation with the Director and the Associate Directors of CfA Divisions which normally have staff members using CfA's groundbased OIR telescopes. They are generally chosen to provide expertise over the broad range of observational programs carried out at CfA facilities. They serve three-year non-renewable terms. Terms usually start and end on September 1.


To provide advice to the Associate Director of OIR on the allocation of CfA's groundbased OIR telescope resources.


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