DO: Web Science Advisors Committee

Current Members and Term:

This committee has been disbanded and will be replaced by a working group chaired by Ron Walsworth.

Jonathan McDowell, Chair HEA Through June 2013
David Aguilar SED Through June 2013
Tom Dame RG Through June 2013
Chris Erdmann LIB Through June 2013
Scott Kenyon SSP Through June 2013
Van McGlasson (ex officio)


Five members appointed by the CfA Director for two-year terms, staggered.


To ensure that the CfA web pages accurately reflect both the breadth and the strategic priorities of the CfA's research, education, and public outreach programs. The Committee will meet with the Computation Facility Web Services group four times per year and may be asked to advise the CF Web Services Group on specific scientific issues at other times throughout the year.


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