Crete II

The Origins of Stars and Planetary Systems
Eds. C.J. Lada & N.D. Kylafis
Kluwer Academic Press

Table of Contents (Links are to Postscript files)

Molecular Clouds
    Leo Blitz and Jonathan P. Williams

The Dynamical Structure and Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds
    Christopher F. McKee

Physical Conditions in Nearby Molecular Clouds
    Philip C. Myers

Models and Observations of the Chemistry Near Young Stellar Objects
    Ewine F. Van Dishoeck and Michiel R. Hogerheijde

The Formation of Low Mass Stars:  An Observational Overview
    Charles J. Lada

Low-Mass Star Formation:  Theory
    Frank H. Shu, Anthony Allen, Hsien Shang, Eve C. Ostriker and Zhi-Yun Li

Bipolar Molecular Outflows
    R. Bachiller & M. Tafalla

Herbig-Haro Flows
    Bo Reipurth & A.C. Raga

Magnetic Fields and Star Formation:  A Theory Reaching Adulthood
    Telemachos Ch. Mouschovias & Glenn E. Ciolek

The Nature of Young Solar-Type Stars
    Francois Menard & Claude Bertout

The Evolution of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
    Francesco Palla

OB Associations
    A.G.A. Brown, A. Blaauw and R. Hoogerwerf, J.H.J. De Bruijne and P.T.
    De Zeeuw

The Role of Embedded Clusters in Star Formation
    Elizabeth A. Lada

Multiple Stellar Systems:  From Binaries to Clusters
    Ian A. Bonnell

Massive Star Formation
    Ed Churchwell

Masers in Star-Forming Regions
    N.D. Kylafis and K.G. Pavlakis

Circumstellar Disks
    Steven V.W. Beckwith

Accretion Disks and Eruptive Phenomena
    Scott J. Kenyon

The Formation of Planets
    Steven P. Ruden

Extrasolar Planets:  Techniques, Results, and the Future
    G.W. Marcy and R.P. Butler