SpS 8: Calibration of Star-Formation Rate Measurements Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum

August 27-30 2012, Beijing (China)

We plan to organize a 3-day Special Session during the XXVIII IAU General Assembly in Beijing in order to bring together people who work in different areas related to the measurement of star-forming activity in galaxies. Our goal is to discuss the latest advances in SFR measurements focusing on the cross-calibration of different methods, and to identify key areas for future theoretical and observational progress.

Invited Speakers

  • George Bendo
  • Gustavo Bruzual
  • Veronique Buat
  • Danniel Dale
  • David Elbaz
  • John Eldridge
  • Andrew Hopkins
  • Bret Lehmer
  • Jan Pflamm-Altenburg
  • Christina Popescu
  • Sebastian Sanchez
  • Hong Wu

    Important Dates

    Registration Deadline : March 17, 2012

    Abstract Submission Deadline : March 17, 2012



    Image Information: A multiwavelength image of the M51A/M51B system along with the multi-wavelength Spectral Energy Distribution of the two systems (courtesy of Lauranne Lanz). The images are based on observations with the Chandra X-ray Observatory, GALEX, 2MASS, Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope (IRAC Camera), and Herschel SPIRE.