July 10th - 13th, 2018

Caltech - Pasadena, CA

Astrochemistry, the study of molecules in astrophysical environments, has become an invaluable part of astrophysical studies ranging from planet forming disks to high-z galaxies. This development was made possible by the arrival of a suite of new telescopes in the past decade — Spitzer, Herschel and ALMA – and was realized by the pioneering work and ongoing leadership by Ewine van Dishoeck. To honor Ewine’s outstanding contributions to astrochemistry this 4-day meeting will review the successes in astrochemistry in unveiling star and planet formation, present ongoing astrochemical theoretical and laboratory studies, and observational investigations focused on ALMA, and peer into the future of astrochemistry in the age of JWST.

Ted Bergin
John Black
Paola Caselli
Ilse Cleeves
Neal Evans
Edith Fayolle
Kenji Furuya
Thomas Henning
Eric Herbst
Lars Kristensen
Thanja Lamberts
Harold Linnartz
David Neufeld
Paola Pinilla
Nami Sakai
Leonardo Testi
Xander Tielens
Floris van der Tak
Catherine Walsh


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