CfA Events Calendar

Week of October 14 through October 20, 2018

Monday, October 15

12:00 pm: Stars and Planets Seminar (Phillips Auditorium)
Brandt Gaches (Univ. of Mass, Amherst): "The Impact of Stellar Feedback on Astrochemistry"

Tuesday, October 16

12:00 pm: Galaxies and Cosmology Seminar (Phillips Auditorium)
Jingzhe Ma (UC Irvine): "The formation and evolution of high-redshift dusty galaxies"
Chervin Laporte (U Victoria): "Footprints of the Sagittarius dwarf on the Galactic disc from the outer disc to the 6-D Gaia Volume"

Wednesday, October 17

12:30 pm: High Energy Phenomena Seminar (Phillips Auditorium) Pizza will be served at 12:20
Cecilia Garraffo (CfA): "Magnetic Complexity and the CV Period Gap"
Daniel D'Orazio (CfA): "A multi-frequency, multi-messenger approach to accessing the origin of the LIGO events"

Thursday, October 18

11:00 am: ITC Colloquium (Pratt)
Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM): "Circumstellar Disk Diversity and Clues to Planet Formation"

12:30 pm: ITC Luncheon (Phillips Auditorium) The 2018-2019 ITC luncheons are sponsored by a generous donation from ITC senior faculty member Dr. Eric Keto.
Ryan Loomis (NRAO): "Misaligned Protoplanetary Disks - Evidence for Planet-Disk Interaction?"
Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM): "Circumstellar disk diversity and clues to planet formation"
Eve Lee (Caltech): "A balanced budget view on forming giant planets by pebble accretion"
Duane Lee (MIT): "Playing Your CARDs Right: Leveraging One-Shot Galactic Chemical Evolution Models to Understand and Predict Chemical Abundance Ratio Distributions in Old Galactic Systems"

4:00 pm: CfA Colloquium (Phillips Auditorium) Tea and cookies will be served at 3:30
Eve Lee (Caltech): "Planet Formation as told by Kepler"

Friday, October 19

12:30 pm: SMA Seminar Series (Room M-340, 160 Concord Ave.)
Andrew Burkhardt (CfA): "Modeling and Observing Shock Chemistry in Isolated Molecular Outflows"

2:30 pm: Quasar Tea (Wolbach library)
Peter Boorman (University of Southampton): "Constructing a Census of Growing Supermassive Black Holes - First Results from the NuLANDS Survey"