CfA Events Calendar

Week of April 22 through April 28, 2018

Monday, April 23

12:00 pm: Stars and Planets Seminar (Phillips Auditorium)
Lindsay Glesener (University of Minnisota): "Finding fainter flares: NuSTAR X-ray observations of the Sun and stellar objects"
Brendan Bowler (Univ. of Texas): "The Origin and Demographics of Long-Period Giant Planets"

Tuesday, April 24

1:15 pm: AstroStat Talk (Phillips Auditorium)
Arturo Avelino (CfA): "Near-infrared Type Ia Supernovae as Standard Candles"

Wednesday, April 25

11:00 am: ITC Pizza Lunch (Phillips Auditorium)
Jeremy Drake (CfA): "Stellar Coronal Mass Ejections: Coming soon to an exoplanet near you"
Tomek Kaminski (CfA): "Molecular dust precursors in envelopes of oxygen-rich AGB stars and red supergiants"

12:30 pm: High Energy Phenomena Seminar (Phillips Auditorium) Pizza will be served at 12:20
Ian Evans (CfA): "The Chandra Source Catalog 2.0"
Raffaele D'Abrusco (CfA): "CSCview demo"

Thursday, April 26

11:00 am: ITC Colloquium (Pratt Auditorium)
Alexie Leauthaud (UCSC): "Old Galaxies, New Surprises"

12:30 pm: ITC Luncheon (Phillips Auditorium) The 2017-2018 ITC luncheons are sponsored by a generous donation from ITC senior faculty member Dr. Eric Keto.
Pierre Christian (Harvard): "Detecting gravitational lensing of gravitational waves"
Kathrin Altwegg (Bern): "In Situ, Landing or Sample Return: Pro's and Con's"
Alexie Leauthaud (UCSC) (UCSC): "Will it blend?"
Idan Ginsberg (ITC): "Gaia & Globular Cluster Ages"

4:00 pm: CfA Colloquium (Phillips Auditorium) Tea and cookies will be served at 3:30
Kathrin Altwegg (Universität Bern): "Rosetta at comet 67P: deciphering the origin of the solar system, the Earth and life"

Friday, April 27

1:00 pm: Equity and Inclusion Journal Club (Phillips Auditorium) The talk will be preceded by lunch (provided) at 12:45 pm. Click presenter's name for full study with executive summary at the top.
Rosanne Di Stefano (CfA): "The CfA Gender Equity Study and Looking Forward"