CfA Events Calendar

Week of February 18 through February 24, 2018

Tuesday, February 20

10:00 am: Special Library Event (Phillips Auditorium)
Philip Rosenfield (CfA), Shelly Miller (Overleaf), and Ryan Looney (Overleaf): "Overleaf: An Interactive Tutorial"

12:00 pm: Galaxies and Cosmology Seminar (Phillips Auditorium)
Carl Rodriguez (MIT): "Creating a new generation of (highly spinning and very massive) binary black hole mergers"
Sten Hasselquist (New Mexico State): "APOGEE Chemical Abundances of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy System"

Wednesday, February 21

11:00 am: ITC Pizza Lunch (Phillips Auditorium)
Andrea Dupree (CfA): "Sleuthing stellar winds"
Kate Alexander (CfA): "Probing TDE Outflows with Radio Observations"

12:30 pm: High Energy Phenomena Seminar (Phillips Auditorium) Pizza will be served at 12:20
Thomas Reiprich (AIfA): "Cosmology with X-ray Galaxy Clusters"

Thursday, February 22

11:00 am: ITC Colloquium (Pratt Auditorium)
Christoph Pfrommer (AIP): "How cosmic rays shape galaxies and galaxy clusters"

12:30 pm: ITC Luncheon (Phillips Auditorium) The 2017-2018 ITC luncheons are sponsored by a generous donation from ITC senior faculty member Dr. Eric Keto.
Pepi Fabbiano (CfA): "Imaging the Hard Continuum and Fe Kalpha Emission of AGNs with Chandra"
Norm Murray (CITA): "FIRE Simulations Produce Carbon Monoxide"
Christoph Pfrommer (AIP): "TeV Blazar Heating: from Plasma Instabilities to Cosmological Structure Formation"
Sandro Tacchella (CfA): "An Empirical Model for Galaxy Evolution at z≥4"

4:00 pm: CfA Colloquium (Phillips Auditorium) Tea and cookies will be served at 3:30
Pepi Fabbiano (CfA): "The Virtual Observatory is very much Real"

Friday, February 23

12:00 pm: Stars and Planets Seminar (Phillips Auditorium) Special date due to holiday!
Eileen Gonzales (CUNY): "S & P Seminar"
Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi (AMNH): "The True Ultracool Binary Fraction using Spectral Binaries"

1:00 pm: Equity and Inclusion Journal Club (Phillips Auditorium) The talk will be preceded by lunch (provided) at 12:45 pm. Click presenter's name for PDF of article.
Anna Rosen (CfA): "Gender equality in academia: a critical reflection​"
Luke Kelley (CfA): "Women, know your limits: cultural sexism in academia​"