CfA Events Calendar

Week of September 23 through September 29, 2018

Monday, September 24

12:00 pm: Stars and Planets Seminar (Phillips Auditorium)
David Nataf (Johns Hopkins): "Clues to Globular Cluster Formation"
Fei Dai (MIT): "Stellar obliquities and magnetic activities from planetary transits"

Tuesday, September 25

12:00 pm: Galaxies and Cosmology Seminar (Phillips Auditorium)
Toshifumi Futamase (Tohoku University): "TBD"
Nick Devereux (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University): "Giant Broad-line Regions in Low-luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei"

Wednesday, September 26

12:30 pm: High Energy Phenomena Seminar (Phillips Auditorium) Pizza will be served at 12:20
David Sobral (University of Lancaster): "Exploring the early Universe with the largest emission-line surveys from z~2 to z~8"

4:00 pm: ITAMP/HQOC Seminar (Jefferson 250, Department of Physics, Harvard University)
Peter Drummand (Swinburne University of Technology): "09/26/2018"

Thursday, September 27

11:00 am: ITC Colloquium (Pratt)
Elena D'Onghia (UW Madison): "The Hercules Stream: resonant stars visiting the Solar vicinity"

12:30 pm: ITC Luncheon (Phillips Auditorium) The 2018-2019 ITC luncheons are sponsored by a generous donation from ITC senior faculty member Dr. Eric Keto.
Jenny Bergner (Harvard): "A survey of complex cyanides in protoplanetary disks"
Elena D’Onghia (UW Madison): "Satellites within satellites: the luminosity function of the Large Magellanic Cloud in the Gaia era"
Dimitar Sasselov (Harvard): "Exoplanet Ocean Worlds: How Salty?"
David Sobral (Lancaster): "Re-ionisation is solved: LAEs are all we need"

4:00 pm: CfA Colloquium (Phillips Auditorium) Tea and cookies will be served at 3:30
Dimitar Sasselov (CfA): "Stellar UV Light & the Origins of Life"

Friday, September 28

12:30 pm: SMA Seminar Series (Room M-340, 160 Concord Ave.)
Trey V. Wenger (University of Virgina/NRAO): "The Southern HII Region Discovery Survey"