CfA Events Calendar

Week of November 29 through December 05, 2020

Monday, November 30

11:00 am: Galaxies & Cosmology & Stars & Planets Seminar (Zoom)
Alexandra Amon (Stanford University): "Weak lensing with the Dark Energy Survey Year 3"
Rachael Roettenbacher (Yale University): "Imaging and Surveying Spotted Stars"

Wednesday, December 02

12:30 pm: High Energy Phenomena Seminar (Zoom) Zoom link here.
Lauranne Lanz (The College of New Jersey): "Constraining AGN Structure using Reflection and Reprocessing in Swift/BAT AGN"
Vivienne Baldassare (Washington State University): "Searching for active galactic nuclei in low-mass galaxies via optical variability"

Thursday, December 03

11:00 am: ITC Colloquium (Zoom)
Gwen Rudie (Carnegie): "The Circumgalactic Medium of Star-Forming Galaxies during Cosmic Noon"
Priya Natarajan (Yale): "Stress-Testing the Cold Dark Matter Paradigm"

4:00 pm: CfA Colloquium (Phillips Auditorium (Virtual))
Dr. Serena Vinciguerra (University of Amsterdam): "The treasure of Be X-ray binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud"

Friday, December 04

12:30 pm: SMA Seminar Series (Zoom) Zoom link
Alex Pollak (SETI): "Instrumentation Development for Radio Technosignature Searches with the Allen Telescope Array"