21 September 2000CfA Colloquium Schedule

Title: Searching for Really Red Quasars with the FIRST Survey

Speaker: Robert H. Becker

Abstract: For the last six years, the FIRST survey has been incrementally imaging the north Galactic cap at 1400 MHz using the B configuration of the VLA. The resulting source catalog reaches a flux density limit of 1 mJy with positional accuracy of 1 arcsec. One of the key projects of the FIRST science team has been the FIRST Bright Quasar Survey which targets all stellar counterparts to FIRST radio sources down to R of 19th magnitude. Over 1000 new bright quasars have been discovered to date. One selection criterion for the survey is that we include only candidates which are bluer than O-E of 2. This color cut was necessitated as a result of serious contamination of the sample by misclassified red galaxies. We are now attempting to recover red quasars lost to the survey by this color cut by including information from both the 2MASS survey and the Second Generation Guide Star Catalog. In this presentation, we discuss the results from selecting quasar candidates with data spanning radio, optical, and infrared wavelengths over several thousand square degrees of sky.

Reference for students:

"The FIRST Bright Quasar Survey. II. 60 Nights and 1200 Sepctra Later" astro-ph/9912215

Lunch with the students is on Friday, September 22 at 12:00 in A-101.