7 December 2000 CfA Colloquium

Title: Status of Extrasolar Planets: Multiple Systems and Metallicities

Speaker: Debra Fischer

Abstract: In the past 5 years more than 50 extrasolar planets have been detected as companions to main sequence stars. The orbital inclination in these sytems remains unresolved, however the vast majority of these objects are expected to be jupiter-like gas giant planets based on:

- the statistical rarity of nearly face-on orbits

- the observation of a planet transit for HD 209458

- a mass distribution that peaks strongly at the lowest detectable msini

- upper mass limits set by dynamical stability constraints in multiple planet systems.

I will present the current state of our observational understanding of these systems including detection limits, sample characteristics, orbit characteristics, occurrence of multiple planet systems and metallicity correlations.

Reference for students:

Lunch with the students will be on Thursday, December 7th at 12:30 in A-101.