26 October 2000CfA Colloquium

Title: Early Galactic Nucleosynthesis: Clues from Very Metal-Poor Field Stars

Speaker: Christopher Sneden

Abstract: The story of the onset of Galactic nucleosynthesis is written into the chemical composition patterns of very metal-poor halo stars. It has been known for some time that large differences exist in overall abundance levels of major element groups in metal-poor stars, compared to the solar system abundance set. But it is increasingly apparent that large star-to-star abundance variations can be found among the lowest metallicity stars. These variations point to significant chemical inhomogenieties in the early Galactic halo ISM. In this talk, prominent examples of low metallicity halo stars with anomalous abundance ratios will be used to discuss the nature of the first element donors in the Galaxy and implications for the Galactic age.

Reference for students: to come

Lunch with the graduate students will be on Friday, 10/27 at 12:30 in A-101.