CfA Colloquium Schedule Fall 2003
 4 December 2003

4 December 2003

Speaker: Jean Brodie (UC Observatories/Lick)

Title: Globular Cluster Sub-Populations and Galaxy Assembly

Abstract: Globular clusters are excellent tracers of the major star forming episodes in a galaxy's history. Studies of the sub-populations in extragalactic globular cluster systems are providing important constraints on the dominant mechanisms and epochs of galaxy assembly. I will discuss current ideas on globular cluster/galaxy formation in the light of recent results from HST and Keck observing programs.

References for students:

  1. Forbes, Brodie and Grillmair 1997 AJ, 113, 1652
  2. Ashman and Zepf 1992 ApJ 384, 50
  3. Cote , West and Marzke 2002 ApJ 567, 853.


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