CfA Colloquium Schedule Fall 2003
 23 October 2003

23 October 2003

Speaker: Janet Drew (Imperial College London)

Title: A binary taxonomy brain-teaser: the first carbon-enhanced cataclysmic variable

Abstract: Inspired by the extraordinary profusion of species and adaptational variety, J. B. S. Haldane claimed that God has `an inordinate fondness for beetles'. Well, binaries are the coleoptera of astrophysics, with the interacting kind particularly prone to variety. In this talk, I shall describe recent and continuing work on QU Car, a bright (11th magnitude) interacting binary, containing a WD accretor. Although known for over 30 years it was, until recently, studied little. It has now emerged as the first example of an emphatically carbon-rich short-period (P =0.459 d) system -- in which mass is being transferred at, most probably, a very high rate. Hitherto, abundance anomalies among obviously related objects have always been nitrogen enhancements. Its evolutionary status is quite unclear, but the properties of this binary may pose a challenge to views on nova activity and pathways to SN Ia. I will end the talk with a brief advert for a newly-started Galactic Plane survey that has the potential to trawl for many more weird and weirder emission line objects.

References for students:

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