CfA Colloquium Schedule Fall 2006
 9 November 2006

9 November 2006

Speaker: Niel Brandt (Penn State University)

Title:Adventuring Through the Distant X-ray Universe: Recent Results from the Chandra Deep Field Surveys

Abstract: The deepest Chandra surveys continue to yield fascinating results about active galactic nuclei (AGN), starburst and normal galaxies, groups and clusters, and large-scale structures in the distant X-ray universe. I will review these surveys and describe some recent results from two of them, the Chandra Deep Field-North and Extended Chandra Deep Field-South. Specifically, I will describe (1) the X-ray-to-optical properties of AGN probed over wide luminosity and redshift ranges, (2) the obscured AGN content of distant submillimeter galaxies, (3) rate constraints on X-ray outbursts due to stellar tidal disruptions, and (4) the X-ray emission from early-type galaxies over the last half of cosmic time. I will also discuss some key outstanding problems and prospects for short-term and long-term advances.


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