CfA Colloquium Schedule Fall 2011
 17 November 2011

17 November 2011

Speaker: Mariska Kriek (CfA / Clay Fellow)

Title: Clay Fellowship Lecture: The Lifecycles of Massive Galaxies

Abstract:In the past few years photometric and spectroscopic galaxy surveys have started to explore the universe at redshifts z=1-3, the peak of the quasar era and the epoch when the volume-averaged star formation rate (SFR) of the universe was at its maximum. The mix of massive galaxies at this early epoch appeared to be quite diverse, ranging from galaxies with very high SFRs to galaxies that have already stopped forming new stars. Remarkably, these different galaxy types also have quite distinct structures, with the star-forming galaxies being large and clumpy, while the quiescent systems at these early times are regular and compact. Using photometric data from the NEWFIRM Medium-Band Survey, deep near-infrared spectroscopy, and high resolution HST imaging, I will discuss how these two types of galaxies fit into our understanding of galaxy evolution, and what processes will transform them into the galaxies we see in our universe today. Finally, I will discuss ways forward toward a better understanding of the formation histories of massive galaxies.


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