CfA Colloquium Schedule Fall 2012
 13 December 2012

13 December 2012

Speaker: Joanne Gabrynowicz (University of Mississippi)

Title:Asteroids to Assets: International and U.S. Legal Considerations for Emerging Private and Commercial Space Activities.

Abstract:In the era of globalization, private sector and commercial space activities are changing. Large, Cold War Era aerospace corporations that have operated on robust "buy national" governmental contracting policies are being joined by new, smaller, entrepreneurial companies that seek profit by providing goods and services in an international marketplace. Debate continues about the viability and differences of these two models. However, the new companies are raising legal issues that the traditional companies have not: Can property be claimed and developed on celestial bodies by private companies or by commercial government companies? Can these entities "settle" or "colonize"? Are commercial activities operated in orbit legally different from those operated on Earth or the Moon and other celestial bodies? What, if any, public good responsibilities do these companies have? How will they be regulated? Will who regulate them? This talk will provide an introduction to the legal landscape that governs these activities, discuss existing precedents, and raise possibilities for unprecedented activities.


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