CfA Colloquium Schedule Fall 2012
 25 October 2012

25 October 2012

Speaker: Andrey Kravtsov (University of Chicago)

Title:Star formation during the first three billion years: the key to understanding galaxy formation

Abstract:There is mounting evidence that star formation was surprisingly inefficient in progenitors of all late type galaxies during early stages of evolution at z>2. General considerations and some preliminary simulation results indicate that low efficiency of star formation at high redshifts can have significant implications for galaxy formation and may help resolve many of the main problems and puzzles of galaxy formation within hierarchical CDM scenario. I will discuss results and predictions of star formation recipes based on molecular hydrogen and the choice of parameters for star formation prescriptions. A number of predictions of simulations based on such recipes are testable with current and future observations. I will also present results of coupling star formation recipes with different prescriptions for stellar feedback, including feedback due to stellar winds and radiation pressure during the early stages of stellar evolution. Results indicate that proper modeling of galaxy evolution, and especially star formation at z>2, requires detailed modelling of the process of star formation and all sources of stellar feedback during different stages of stellar population.

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