CfA Colloquium Schedule Fall 2012
 8 November 2012

8 November 2012

Speaker: Marc Postman (STSCI)

Title:Recent Scientific Results from the Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble.

Abstract:The Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble (CLASH) is a 524-orbit Multi-Cycle Treasury Program to use the gravitational lensing properties of 25 galaxy clusters to address at least 4 key science objectives: (1) Map the dark matter distribution in clusters with unprecedented accuracy, (2) Detect type Ia supernova out to z~2 to constrain the time evolution of the dark energy equation of state and the evolution of SN Ia themselves, (3) Detect and characterize some of the most distant galaxies (z > 7), and (4) study the internal structure and evolution of the galaxies in and behind the clusters. The survey is obtaining broadband images of the clusters in 16 passbands, providing remarkable panchromatic coverage from 0.2 - 1.6 microns, all with HST-quality resolution. I will present highlights from each of the 4 main science objectives.

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