November 20, 1997 CfA Colloquium

Title: Unveiling the Early Universe: Pop III objects and their observable effects

Speaker: Andrea Ferrara, Arcetri

Abstract:The talk will discuss our present understanding of the formation of the first collapsed, luminous structures in the universe, globally referred to as Pop III objects. In particular, I will examine the conditions for the formation of such objects, governed by the production of molecular hydrogen; their contribution to the ionizing background radiation at high redshift, and their role in the reionization of the universe. The analytical and numerical results concerning the effects of multiple supernova events occurring in Pop III objects and leading to the disruption of the structure and heavy element dispersal in the intergalactic medium will be presented. Finally, I will show that the propects for future detection of these objects are encouraging, particularly if the expected gravitational magnification of their supernovae due to the intervening cosmological matter distribution is taken into account.

Reference for students: Click here for recommended paper.