October 2, 1997 CfA Colloquium

Title: Extragalactic Stellar Astronomy

Speaker: Rolf-Peter Kudritzki, Inst.fur A&A, Munich

Abstract: The spectral analysis of the most luminous stars as individuals provides a unique tool to investigate the properties of young populations in galaxies. In this way, kinematics, abundances, abundance gradients and distances of galaxies can be determined. It is shown how the parameters of the most luminous stars in different galaxies (temperature, gravity, radii, luminosities, masses, mass-loss rates, wind velocities, abundances) are measured using spectral information from the UV to the IR. Recent results for O, B, A-supergiants in the Galaxy, LMC, SMC, M31, M33 and beyond the Local Group are presented. Special emphasis is given to the Wind Momentum -- Luminosity Relationship as a tool for the determination of extragalactic distances out to the Virgo and Fornax clusters of galaxies.

Reference for students: Click here for paper.