October 8, 1998 CfA Colloquium

Title: COBE Observations of the Infrared Background

Speaker: Ned Wright

Abstract: The Cosmic InfraRed Background (CIRB) is masked by the much larger foreground emissions from interplanetary dust, galactic stars, and interstellar dust. The data from the FIRAS and DIRBE experiments have been used to model these foregrounds, and reveal a larger than expected far infrared background. In addition, both statistical modeling and direct observations of the galactic stellar component leave a residual near infrared flux that is probably a redder than expected CIRB. The Space InfraRed Telescope Facility, to be launched in 2001, will be able to detect many of the distant sources which contribute to this CIRB.

Reference for students: The Spectrum of the Extragalactic Far Infrared Background from the COBE Firas Observations