CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2015
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Date Speaker Topic Host
01/29/15 Tsevi Mazeh
(Tel Aviv/Wise Observatory)
Lecar Prize Lecture: The Exo-planet Obliquity as a Fingerprint of Planetary Formation and Evolution

Matt Holman
02/05/15 Andrew MacFadyen
Binary Accretion

James Guillochon
02/12/15 Jason Kalirai
Stellar Astrophysics: 100 Years after Russell

Kate Rubin
02/19/15 Carles Badenes
The Persistence of Memory: What Supernova Remnants Can Tell Us about Type Ia Supernova Progenitors

Dan Milisavljevic
A Historical and Scientific Perspective on Harvard College Observatory and CfA (recorded interview with George Field)

Charles Alcock
03/05/15 Sarah Gibson
Magnetism Matters

John Raymond
03/12/15 Antony A. Stark
Cosmology from the SPT

Tom Dame
03/19/15 Ben Mazin
(UC Santa Barbara)
The Future of Astronomy is Super(conducting): Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for UVOIR Astronomy

Jason Eastman
03/26/15 Timo Prusti
Gaia Mission Status and Scientific Performance

Nelson Caldwell
04/02/15 Sarah Horst
(Johns Hopkins)
Understanding Haze Formation in Planetary Atmospheres: Lessons from the Lab

Karin Oberg
04/09/15 George Efstathiou
Sackler Lecture: Cosmology with Planck 2015

Charles Alcock
04/16/15 Selma de Mink
The Short and Complicated Lives of Massive Stars

Edo Berger
04/23/15 Kate Rubin
Clay Lecture: Gas Flows and Galaxy Evolution: the Wake of the Giants

Charles Alcock
04/30/15 Dan Coe
Hunting the First Galaxies with Gravitational Lensing

Margaret Geller
05/07/15 Bob Abraham

Charlie Conroy
05/14/15 Fiona Harrison
Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture:

Charles Alcock
05/21/15 Jackie Faherty
(Carnegie DTM)

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Time: Tea - 3:30 PM
Talk - 4:00 PM
Location: Phillips Auditorium, Building D, CfA [Directions]
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Webmaster: Sean Andrews
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