March 30, 2000 CfA Colloquium

Title: Local and Large Scale Flows from Surface Brightness Fluctuations

Speaker: John Tonry

Abstract: We have completed a survey of 300 nearby galaxies and measured accurate distances using the SBF method. Analysis of their velocities and distances clearly reveals the Virgo and Great Attractors, but indicates that the survey volume of 3000 km/s is at rest with respect to the CMB, contradicting claims of very large scale bulk flows. Comparison with IRAS and ORS density fields suggests that we live in a low density universe, with relatively low omega^0.6/b, on the order of 0.42 and 0.26 respectively for the two density fields.

Reference for students: Tonry et al., 2000, ApJ, 530, 625 (astro-ph/9907062)
Lunch on Friday 3/31 at 12:00 pm in Pratt