10 May 2001CfA Colloquium

Title: The New Science of the Sun

Speaker: Alan M. Title

Abstract: The last decade has seen a revolution in Solar Physics. This is of consequence because the Sun is the only well resolved star. Hence, the only place in the universe where the interactions of magnetic fields and convection on astrophysical scales can be observed. The YOHKOH, SOHO, and TRACE spacecraft together with fast computers, massive storage systems, unified software, and fast methods of data sharing have allow scientists worldwide to develop a systems approach to understanding the Sun. We can now observe the Sun from the deep interior to the interaction with the Earth and soon the with interstellar medium. The accomplishments of this last decade will be reviewed and illustrated with a video summary of the accomplishments in observations, theory, and numerical simulation.

Reference for students:

Lunch with the students will be on Thursday, May 10th at 12:30 in A-101.