16 May 2002 CfA Colloquium

Title: Black Holes and the Power of Jets

Speaker: Heino Falcke Roberto Gilmozzi

Abstract: The removal of energy and angular momentum through expulsion of fast, sometimes relativistic, bipolar plasma jets from the inner region of accretion flows around black holes seems to be a universal phenomenon found across the astrophysical spectrum: from supermassive black holes in AGN down to stellar mass X-ray binaries. The power of jets seems to scale with the amount of gravitational energy released through the accretion of matter onto the compact object. This permits a self-similar treatment of jets over many orders of magnitude. Modeling the emission of relativistic jets, from radio to X-rays is, crucial for understanding the total radiation spectrum and energy output of black holes. I specifically discuss the case of BL Lacs, X-ray binaries and low-luminosity AGN (LLAGN) - such as the supermassive black hole at the center of our own Galaxy - and how they are related.

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