21 March 2002 CfA Colloquium

Title: Chandra Observations of Extragalactic X-ray Jets

Speaker: Daniel Schwartz


Prior to Chandra, three extragalactic jets had been detected. Now, there are three new, entire fields of X-ray investigation based on jets. I will discuss two of these: Jets in FR I sources and BL Lac objects, and Jets in Quasars and Strong Radio Sources. (The third field involves the interaction of jets with gas in clusters of galaxies.) We do not yet have general paradigms for the observed jets. As I meander through the beautiful Chandra observations, I will point out the different physics involved for different cases, and emphasize what we hope to learn when more comprehensive studies have been done. These will lead to a remarkable speculation: That X-ray jets may serve as beacons to identify the most distant objects in the universe.

References for students:

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