CfA Colloquium: February 6, 2003

Speaker: Phil Armitage (U. Colorado)

Title: Understanding the Statistics of Extrasolar Planetary Systems

Abstract: The discovery of the first hundred extrasolar planets provides new insight into the formation and early evolution of planetary systems. I will describe how some of the statistical properties of the exoplanet population - specifically their distribution of masses, orbital radii, and eccentricity - may arise from the interaction of planets with the protoplanetary disk. Quantitative models for this interaction will be discussed, along with possible implications for the fraction of stars with massive planets and the frequency of planetary systems similar to our own.

Reference for students:
"Predictions for the frequency and orbital radii of massive extrasolar planets"
Armitage et al. 2002, MNRAS, 334, 248, astro-ph/0204001