CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2004
 26 February 2004

26 February 2004

Speaker: Alan Marscher (Institute for Astrophysical Research,Boston University)

Title: Spying on Blazars: Life in the Fast Lane

Abstract: Blazars are the most exciting class of active galactic nuclei, but we need to observe them very closely if we want to explore their true nature. I will present the results of dense, long-term monitoring of a handful of blazars and near-blazars with the VLBA, RXTE, and optical telescopes. The program has revealed strong connections among the emission regions at different wavebands, leading to the conclusion that most of the phrenetic variability in flux and polarization occurs much farther from the central engine than previously expected. The rapid fluctuations in the most extreme blazars results from more extreme relativistic flow speeds than found in previous studies.

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