CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2004
 18 March 2004

18 March 2004

Speaker: Sara Seager (Carnegie Institution of Washington)

Title: Bok Prize Lecture (shared)
Towards a Physical Characterization of Extrasolar Planets

Abstract: We have entered a new era in planetary astrophysics with well over 100 giant planets now known to orbit nearby sun-like stars. Recent theoretical and observational advances have given us new constraints on the physical characteristics of extrasolar planets, while ongoing and proposed observing programs and space missions hold great promise for the future of extrasolar planet science. I will discuss the emerging understanding of the extrasolar transiting planet HD209458b, tying together several recent observational constraints as well as key upcoming measurements. I will also briefly review scientific highlights and prospects for the future detection and study of Earth-like extrasolar planets.

References for students:

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  2. astro-ph/0305338
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