CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2006
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Date Speaker Topic Host
01/19/06 Michael A'Hearn
(University of Maryland)
Deep Impact: Excavating Comet Tempel 1

[Video of the Presentation]
Dan Green
01/26/06 Leon Golub
Observing The X-ray Sun

[Video of the Presentation]
Ed DeLuca
02/02/06 Phil Hinz
(University of Arizona)
Searching for other Solar Systems with the MMT Deformable Secondary

[Video of the Presentation]
Brian McLeod
02/09/06 Scott Ransom
Bok Prize Lecture
Exotica and Basic Physics: A Globular Cluster Pulsar Renaissance with the GBT

[Video of the Presentation]
Giovanni Fazio
02/16/06 Debra Fischer
(San Francisco State University)
Radcliffe Lecture in the Sciences:
Formation and Evolution of Extrasolar Planetary Systems
Public lecture at 4:15pm Science Center Lecture Hall A

[The video of this talk is not available .]
Bob Noyes
02/23/06 Bruce Draine
New Views of Interstellar Dust: From Infrared to X-Rays

[Video of the Presentation]
Phil Myers
03/02/06 Tom Megeath
Star Formation in the Nearest Kiloparsec, The View from Spitzer

[Video of the Presentation]
Lori Allen
03/09/06 Steve Cranmer
Leaky Stars: Pulsations, Waves, and Turbulence in Stellar Winds across the H-R Diagram

[Video of the Presentation]
John Kohl
03/16/06 Wendy Freedman
(Carnegie Observatories)
Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture:
Measuring Cosmological Parameters

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
03/23/06 Alan Kostelecky
(Indiana University)
Testing Relativity

[The video of this talk is not available .]
Ron Walsworth
03/30/06 Rosalba Perna
(University of Colorado)
The many lives of Neutron Stars

[Video of the Presentation]
Tom Aldcroft
04/06/06 Warren Brown
Clay Fellowship Lecture:
Hypervelocity Stars Ejected from the Galactic Center

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
04/13/06 Matthew Schneps
Award-Winning Television from the CfA Science Education Department

[Video of the Presentation]
Philip Sadler
04/20/06 Charles Keeton
(Rutgers University)
Testing Theories of Gravity with Lensing by Compact Objects

[Video of the Presentation]
Aneta Siemiginowska
04/27/06 Jerry Edelstein
The Galactic Far Ultraviolet Sky

[Video of the Presentation]
Jeremy Drake
05/04/06 David Wilner
Protoplanetary Disks: Analogs of the Early Solar System

[The video of this talk is not available until Nov 2006 .]
Philip Myers
05/11/06 Alexey Vikhlinin
pH Lecture:
Following the dynamics of the Universe with galaxy cluster counts

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
05/18/06 Margaret Geller
A Lensing Map... A Redshift Survey

[The video of this talk is not available .]
Daniel Fabricant
05/25/06 James Gunn
(Princeton University)
Sackler Lecture:
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Past and Future

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
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Location: Phillips Auditorium, Building D, CfA [Directions]
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