CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2006
 9 February 2006

9 February 2006

Speaker: Scott Ransom (NRAO)

Title: Bok Prize Lecture
Exotica and Basic Physics: A Globular Cluster Pulsar Renaissance with the GBT

Abstract:Over the past two years, deep searches with the GBT have uncovered over 50 new binary and/or millisecond pulsars in six globular clusters. The biggest surprise was 30 new pulsars in the rich cluster Terzan 5 alone. Follow-up observations have shown that many of these new systems are truly unique and/or exotic objects that could only have been produced in dense cluster cores. Some of the stranger members of the new zoo include the fastest known spinning neutron star, 8 highly eccentric binary systems, 5 eclipsing systems, and 2 millisecond pulsars which seemingly have main-sequence-like stellar companions. Several of these pulsars are already constraining the equation of state of matter at supra-nuclear densities, while others will provide interesting tests of gravitational theories in the years to come.

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