CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2006
 13 April 2006

13 April 2006

Speaker: Matthew Schneps (CfA)

Title:Award-Winning Television from the CfA Science Education Department

Abstract: The Science Education Department (Science Media Group) is pleased to present a number of its television programs, DVDs, and web sites, entirely produced at the CfA, that have recently received prestigious industry awards for excellence. Programs to be presented will cover topics ranging from impacts on the earth and moon, formation of the moon and planets, to the origins and evolution of the Universe. At this colloquium the SED will also recognize a number of the CfA scientists who contributed to the making of these programs. Steve Murray, Deputy Director for Science, will present awards to them in Charles Alcock's absence. This entertaining program is non-technical and open to all.

Video of the Presentation (Talks can be viewed with RealPlayer. Free download is available from )


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