CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2007
 1 March 2007

1 March 2007

Speaker: John Bally (University of Colorado)

Title:Star and Planet Formation in Orion, Perseus, and Cepheus

Abstract:Most stars and planetary systems form in dense, but short-lived clusters and OB associations. I will review recent visual, near-IR, and sub-mm studies of molecular cloud cores in Orion, Perseus, and Cepheus. We have found that radiation fields and dynamical interactions with sibling stars play pivotal roles in star and planetary system formation. I will argue that the powerful outflows emerging from the massive star forming cores Cepheus-A and OMC1 can be understood in terms of recent dynamical interactions between members of small-N sub-clusters of massive stars. I will also discuss the roles of UV radiation and winds in the evolution of protostellar jets, circumstellar disks, and the early stages of planet formation.

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