CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2008
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Date Speaker Topic Host
01/24/08 Alessandro Morbidelli
(Observatory of Nice, France)
Crucial Dynamical Phases in Solar System Formation

[Video of the Presentation]
David Charbonneau
01/31/08 Greg Madejski
(Stanford / KIPAC)
Studies of active galaxies in the GLAST era

[Video of the Presentation]
Dan Schwartz
02/07/08 Francis Halzen
(U. Wisconsin)
High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy: Towards a Kilometer-Scale Neutrino Observatory.

Andrew Szentgyorgyi
02/14/08 Bozena Czerny
(Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw)
Active galactic nuclei: the weather report

[Video of the Presentation]
Aneta Siemiginowska
02/21/08 Carey M. Lisse
(John Hopkins University)
Dusty Disks and Comets : Clues to the Formation and Evolution of the Solar System

[Video of the Presentation]
Scott Wolk
02/28/08 Rocky Kolb
(U. Chicago, KICP)
Taking Sides on the Dark Energy Issue
Note: due to a technical problem, the video begins ~10 mins. into the talk.

[Video of the Presentation]
Douglas Finkbeiner
03/06/08 Gordon Richards
(Drexel University)
What to do with one million quasars

[Video of the Presentation]
Martin Elvis
03/13/08 Dan Vergano
(USA Today; and Nieman Fellow, Harvard)
Alien Communications: Scientists and Science reporting

Margaret Geller
03/20/08 Steve Furlanetto
Bok Prize Lecture:
Piecing Together Reionization

[Video of the Presentation]
Jim Moran
03/27/08 Lori Allen
(Some) highlights from Spitzer studies of star formation

[Video of the Presentation]
Giovanni Fazio
04/03/08 James Cronin
(Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute)
Sackler Lecture:
Study of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays with the Pierre Auger Observatory

Charles Alcock
04/10/08 Andres Jordan
Clay Fellowship Lecture:
Galaxies in Nearby Clusters: Cored Giants, Nucleated Dwarfs and Everything in Between.

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
04/17/08 Joe Silk
(Oxford University)
Let There Be Light: Galaxy Formation for the Novice

[Video of the Presentation]
Douglas Finkbeiner
04/24/08 Piergiorgio Picozza
(INFN and University of Rome Tor Vergata)
The Science of the PAMELA Space Mission

[Video of the Presentation]
Douglas Finkbeiner
05/01/08 Gaspar Bakos
pH Lecture:
Fishing for planets with HATNet

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
05/08/08 Kim McLeod
(Wellesley College)
Probing the Assembly of Massive Galaxies via Quasar Hosts at z=4

[Video of the Presentation]
Aneta Siemiginowska
05/15/08 Michel Mayor
(University of Geneva)
Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture:
Exoplanets : The Road to Earth Twins

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
05/22/08 Neil deGrasse Tyson
(American Museum of Natural History)
Delusions of Space Enthusiasts

[Video of the Presentation]
Douglas Finkbeiner
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Talk - 4:00 PM
Location: Phillips Auditorium, Building D, CfA [Directions]
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