CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2008
 24 April 2008

24 April 2008

Speaker: Piergiorgio Picozza (INFN and University of Rome Tor Vergata)

Title: The Science of the PAMELA Space Mission


On the 15th of June 2006, the PAMELA satellite-borne experiment was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome and it is collecting data since July 2006. The core of the apparatus is a magnetic spectrometer with additional specialized detectors. The instrument allows for precision studies of charged cosmic radiation to be conducted over a wide energy range (100 MeV - 100's GeV) with high statistics. The primary scientific goal is the search for dark matter annihilation signals, through measurements of antiproton and positron energy spectra, and primordial antinuclei (anti-helium). PAMELA is also testing cosmic-ray propagation models by precise measurements of light nuclei and their isotopes energy spectra. Continuous monitoring of solar modulation, detecting solar flares and studying trapped particles in radiation belts complete the extent of PAMELA.

The status of the mission and preliminary results in the different fields explored by PAMELA will be presented together a review of the experimental dark matter indirect searches.

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