CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2009
 16 April 2009

16 April 2009

Speaker: Rosanne Di Stefano (CfA)

Title: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Microlensing, Mesolensing, Transits, and Planets in the Age of Wide-Field Monitoring

Abstract: The successful launch of Kepler adds continuous monitoring of a large field to a group of other wide-field initiatives, including the microlensing-inspired work of the OGLE and MOA teams. Pan-STARRS and LSST present the possibility of all-sky monitoring with a cadence of days. The science returns from this variety of ambitious programs will be far reaching. In this talk I will touch on several topics, including points of contact with X-ray surveys, but will focus on new opportunities for planet discovery. Within the next 15 years we will have discovered a large sample of planets in face-on as well as edge-on orbits, with semimajor axes extending from a tenth of an AU to a tenth of a parsec. We will have discovered planets and asteroids around stellar remnants. I will talk about how this work will shed light on the form and evolution of planetary architecture and advance the search for habitable planets

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