CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2009
 23 April 2009

23 April 2009

Speaker: Mike Garcia and Jay Bookbinder (CfA)

Title:International X-ray Observatory

Abstract:The International X-ray Observatory (IXO) promises to open a new window on the universe by delivering on the promise of X-ray spectroscopy. Current observatories are able to obtain high quality spectra on only the brightest x-ray sources. For the vast majority of x-ray sources what pass for spectra are more akin to UBV colors. The IXO will allow routine spectroscopy at R>1000 for typical sources, and provide a factor of 100 improvement in effective area for high resolution x-ray spectroscopy. The science questions that the IXO will address are very broad, and include: How do super-massive Black Holes grow and evolve? Does matter orbiting close to a Black Hole event horizon follow the predictions of General Relativity? What is the Equation of State of matter in Neutron Stars? How does Cosmic Feedback work and influence galaxy formation? How does galaxy cluster evolution constrain the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Where are the missing baryons in the nearby Universe? When and how were the elements created and dispersed? How do high energy processes affect planetary formation and habitability? How do magnetic fields shape stellar exteriors and the surrounding environment? How are particles accelerated to extreme energies producing shocks, jets, and cosmic rays? The IXO is ready to compliment the suite of new large ground and space based observatories coming in the next decade. This colloquium will discuss both the science and the implementation of the IXO.

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