CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2010
 21 January 2010

21 January 2010

Speaker: Judith Croston (University of Southampton)

Title:The physics of radio lobes: particle content, energetics and environments

Abstract: Radio-loud outflows from active galaxies are now thought to play an important role in the evolution of galaxies and of large-scale structure; however, when, where and how these radio galaxies transfer energy to their environments remains poorly understood. I will discuss recent progress based on X-ray studies, which are providing an answer to one of the most long-standing questions: what are radio jets and lobes made of, and what is their total energy content? I will also discuss our current understanding of what environments host (and receive the energetic impact from) which radio-galaxy populations, presenting the first results of a new Chandra Large Project aimed at determining the epoch and environmental dependence of radio-loud AGN activity and impact.

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