CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2011
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Date Speaker Topic Host
01/27/11 Toby Huff
(Harvard / UMass Dartmouth )
Why the West? The Telescope and the 17th Century Revolution in Astronomy: A Global View

[Video of the Presentation]
Owen Gingerich
02/03/11 Edwin Bergin
(U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Exploring New Spectral Windows with the Herschel Space Observatory

[Video of the Presentation]
Gary Melnick
02/10/11 John Johnson
Giant Exoplanets in the Stellar Mass-Metallicity Plane

[Video of the Presentation]
Ruth Murray-Clay
02/17/11 Josh Eisner
(Univ. of Arizona)
Probing Star and Planet Formation: Gas and Dust within 1 AU of Young Stars

[Video of the Presentation]
Sean Andrews
02/24/11 Natalie Batalha
(San Jose State University)
Catching Shadows: Kepler's Year-Two Transit Census

[Video of the Presentation]
Dimitar Sasselov
03/03/11 Judd Bowman
(Arizona State University)
Data and Results! Redshifted 21 cm Cosmology Has Begun

[Video of the Presentation]
Jonathan Pritchard
03/10/11 Charlie Conroy
The Stellar Initial Mass Function is not Universal"

[Video of the Presentation]
Jay Strader
03/17/11 Nevin Weinberg
Nonlinear tides in close binary systems

[Video of the Presentation]
Rosanne Di Stefano
03/24/11 Dani Maoz
(Tel Aviv University)
Type-Ia Supernovae: How we learned to love the bomb but should not stop worrying

[Video of the Presentation]
Ryan Foley
03/31/11 Lars Hernquist
(Harvard / CfA)
Collective Origin of Spiral Structure in Disk Galaxies

[Video of the Presentation]
Anna Frebel
04/07/11 Matija Cuk
(CfA / Clay Fellow)
Clay Fellowship Lecture: Lunar History: Four Views of the Cataclysm

[Video of the Presentation]
Charles Alcock
04/14/11 Laura Cadonati
(U Mass Amherst)
Probing the Transient Universe with Gravitational Waves: Status and Prospects

[Video of the Presentation]
Edo Berger
04/21/11 John Carlstrom
(University of Chicago)
Sackler Lecture: New Results from the 10 meter South Pole Telescope

[Video of the Presentation]
04/28/11 Mukremin Kilic
pH Lecture: The Quest for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors

[Video of the Presentation]
05/05/11 Saurabh Jha
(Rutgers University)
Bok Lecture: Cosmology with Supernovae: Progress and Prospects

Jim Moran
05/12/11 Judith Cohen
Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture: 40 Years of Accurate Galactic Stellar Abundances

Charles Alcock
05/19/11 Michael Liu
Studying Young Gas-Giant Planets Directly

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