CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2012
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Date Speaker Topic Host
01/26/12 Alexander Jones
The Antikythera Mechanism

[Video of the Presentation]
Owen Gingerich
02/02/12 Jonas Zmuidzinas
(Caltech / JPL)
Toward Megapixel-Scale Instrumentation for CCAT

[Video of the Presentation]
Edward Tong
02/09/12 Andrew West
The ABCs of Low-Mass Stars

[Video of the Presentation]
Ruth Murray-Clay
02/16/12 Tom Dame
The Milky Way as a Grand Design Spiral

[Video of the Presentation]
Patrick Thaddeus
02/23/12 Jurgen Blum
(IGEP Braunschweig)
The formation of planetesimals--an experimentalist's view

[Video of the Presentation]
Sean Andrews
03/01/12 Raymond Pierrehumbert
(U. of Chicago)
Atmospheric Evolution on Water-Worlds

[Video of the Presentation]
Andrew Youdin
03/08/12 Josh Carter
Photodynamics with Kepler

Dave Latham
03/15/12 Mike Gladders
(U. Chicago)
Through a Glass Darkly: Galaxy Clusters and Strong Lensing

Andrew Szentgyorgyi
03/22/12 Daniel Eisenstein
Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound

Bob Kirshner
03/29/12 Phil Hopkins
(UC Berkeley)
Star Formation, Black Holes, and Feedback in Galaxy Formation

[Video of the Presentation]
Lars Hernquist
04/05/12 Alicia Soderberg
Supernova Forensics

[Video of the Presentation]
Avi Loeb
04/12/12 Lyman Page
The CMB and Neutrinos

[Video of the Presentation]
John Kovac
04/19/12 Chris Hirata
Understanding the cosmic recombination epoch

[Video of the Presentation]
Daniel Eisenstein
04/26/12 James Bartlett
(U. Paris Diderot)
Galaxy Clusters: What We Are Learning From Planck

Alexey Vikhlinin
05/03/12 Karin Oberg
pH Lecture: The astrochemical origins of prebiotic molecules

Charles Alcock
05/10/12 Chris Mihos
(Case Western)
Intracluster Light and the Hierarchical Assembly of Cluster Galaxies

Bill Forman
05/17/12 Donald Kurtz
(U. Central Lancashire)
Asteroseismology: A New Keplerian Revolution

Matt Holman
05/24/12 Craig Heinke
(U. Alberta)
Evidence for Neutron Superfluidity in Neutron Star Cores

Josh Grindlay
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Time: Tea - 3:30 PM
Talk - 4:00 PM
Location: Phillips Auditorium, Building D, CfA [Directions]
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