CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2013
 28 March 2013

28 March 2013

Speaker: Katherine Blundell (Oxford)

Title:Modes of mass loss from microquasars

Abstract:Black holes in our Galaxy, such as those in the microquasars SS433 and Cygnus X-3, demonstrate dynamic behaviour in accretion and dramatic mass outflows. We observe winds and relativistic plasma jets to emerge from these objects which resemble the modes of mass-loss in the supermassive black holes of powerful quasars in the distant universe. Time-resolved observations of the accretion and subsequent mass-loss from microquasars offers great rewards in terms of information about the nature of these remarkable phenomena in the Universe. I will describe how combined multi-wavelength strategies across the electromagnetic spectrum continue to yield new discoveries and discuss how time-resolved observations have led to the discovery of a further mode of mass-loss in SS433 via a circumbinary disc. I shall show new results on circumbinary orbits and indicate their relevance for planet formation. I shall present the exquisitely detailed behaviour of these modes of mass-loss before, during and after a major flare event in this object, with reference to comparable behaviour seen in similar objects.


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