CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2014
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Date Speaker Topic Host
01/30/14 Eric Feigelson
(Penn State)
MYStIX: A New Look at Clustered Star Formation

Scott Wolk
02/06/14 Julianne Dalcanton
The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury: Using Stars to Understand Dust

Daniel Eisenstein
02/13/14 Aaron Parsons
(UC Berkeley)
Building HERA from PAPERclips and Supercomputers

Lincoln Greenhill
02/20/14 David Soderblom
(STScI and Johns Hopkins)
Stars of an Uncertain Age: The Problem of Determining Stellar Ages

Dave Latham
02/27/14 Brice Menard
(Johns Hopkins)
The Large-Scale Distribution of Baryons

Kate Rubin
03/06/14 Alycia Weinberger
(Carnegie DTM)
Disk Composition and Evolution in Young Stellar Associations

David Wilner
03/13/14 Vicky Kalogera
Astronomy with LIGO

Smadar Naoz
03/20/14 Ann Zabludoff
Deficit Spending and the Cluster Baryon Budget

Laura Sales
03/27/14 Jessica Lu
(IfA Hawaii)
Star Formation in Extreme Environments

John Johnson
04/03/14 Daniel Eisenstein
Measuring the Cosmic Distance Scale with SDSS-III

Charles Alcock
04/10/14 Xiaochun Sun
(Inst. History Natural Science, Beijing)
Sky-Gazing and Season-Granting: Astronomy in Ancient China

Owen Gingerich
04/17/14 Bruce Draine
Payne-Gaposchkin Lecture: Andromeda's Dust

Charles Alcock
04/24/14 Dan Marrone
Bok Prize Lecture: Star Formation and Molecular Gas in the First Three Billion Years

Jim Moran
05/01/14 Liubin Pan
Clay Lecture: Dust Particle Dynamics in Turbulence

Charles Alcock
05/08/14 Smadar Naoz
pH Lecture: The Origin of Retrograde Hot Jupiters

Charles Alcock
05/15/14 Rebecca Bernstein
The GMT Project: Science and Status

Dan Fabricant
05/22/14 Doug Lin
(UC Santa Cruz)
Lecar Prize Lecture - Ubiquity of planets and diversity of planetary systems: Origin and Destiny of multiple super Earths and gas giants

Matt Holman
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Talk - 4:00 PM
Location: Phillips Auditorium, Building D, CfA [Directions]
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