CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 2014
 27 February 2014

27 February 2014

Speaker: Brice Menard (Johns Hopkins)

Title: The Large-Scale Distribution of Baryons

Abstract: On scales larger than galactic disks the distribution of baryons in the Universe is still poorly understood. On those scales we happen to have a better mapping of the enigmatic dark matter distribution than those of gas and dust. Inspired by the statistical analyses used in weak lensing I will show how it is possible to reveal the distribution of baryons by measuring extremely low levels of absorption and extinction induced by the presence of metals. Using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey I will present new results showing how gas and dust are distributed well beyond galactic disks, up to Mpc scales. Finally, I will discuss how this new type of information can be used to better understand the physics of galaxy formation and evolution.


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