CfA Colloquium Schedule Spring 1996
 Thursdays 4pm, Phillips Auditorium. Preceded by tea at 3:30pm
  • Jan 4 --XMAS/New Year--
  • Jan 11 David Tytler (UCSD) `Detection and Characterization of Earth-like planets'
  • Jan 18 --AAS San Antonio TX--
  • Jan 25 Avi Loeb (Harvard) `Structure Formation in the Universe at High Redshift'
  • Feb 1 William Feldman `Ulysses'
  • Feb 8 Francoise Combes (IAP, Paris) `Molecular Absorption at z~1'
  • Feb 15 Mike Turner (U.Chicago)
  • Feb 22 Dimitar Sasselov (CfA) `Cepheids and the Distance Scale'
  • Feb 29 Martin Elvis (CfA) `X-rays and High Redshift Quasars'
  • Mar 7 Charles Townes (UC Berkeley)`Stellar Interferometry in the Mid-infrared'
  • Mar 14 John Leibacher: 1996 James Arthur Lecture `GONG'
  • Mar 21 David Helfand: (Columbia) `First Science from the FIRST Survey'
  • Mar 28 Gareth Wynn-Williams (U.Hawaii) `Hot Dust in Galaxies'
  • Apr 4 Josh Grindlay (CfA) `Compact Objects and Binaries in Globular Clusters: ROSAT and HST Revelations'
  • Apr 11 Andrea Dupree (CfA) `Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopy: What's Hot about Cool Stars?'
  • Apr 18 Martin Kessler (ESA) `ISO - Initial In-Orbit Results'
  • Apr 25 Lars Hernquist (UC Santa Cruz) `Quasar Absorbtion Lines in a CDM Universe'
  • May 2 Anthony Aveni (Colgate University) `Mystery of the Nazca Lines'
  • May 9 Marc Davis (UC Berkeley) `Large Scale Comparison of Peculiar Velocity and Gravity Fields'
  • May 16 Fred Rasio (MIT) `Stellar Collisions and the Formation of Blue Stragglers'
  • May 23 Don Brownlee (U.Washington) `GEMS'
  • May 30 Bok Prize Lecture - To Be Announced
  • June 6
  • June 13 --AAS Madison WI--

CfA Colloquium organizers for 1995-1996 are Martin Elvis and Bob Noyes.

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