May 7, 1998 CfA Colloquium

Title: Cluster Cooling Flows

Speaker: Andy Fabian

Abstract: X-ray imaging shows that the radiative cooling time of the hot gas near the centre of most clusters of galaxies is only a few billion years. X-ray spectroscopy reveals that much of the gas is cooler there. The simplest implication is that the gas is cooling out at rates of hundreds of solar masses per year in may cluster cores. The observational evidence for cooling gas, and for associated X-ray absorption, will be reviewed and the issues of what might happen to any cooled gas explored. The wider significance of cooling flows for the evolution of clusters and elliptical galaxies, and for the formation of all massive galaxies, will be outlined.

Reference for students: The relationship between cooling flows and metallicity... and The impacy of cooling flows on the Tx-Lbol relation...