April 2, 1998 CfA Colloquium

Title: Imaging Star and Disk Formation

Speaker: Bill Langer

Abstract: The past decade has seen an intensified interest in star and disk formation due in part to new instrumentation which can image molecular gas in protostellar environments on a wide variety of spatial scales. At the same time improved theoretical models are providing a clearer picture of the dynamics of protostar formation and their associated disks, and jets. I will review observations of protostar formation using the latest capabilities of radio and infrared instrumentation. These reveal their physical, chemical, and kinematic structures and provide a better understanding of the star and disk formation process.

Reference for students: Shu et al. "The Collapse of Clouds and the Formation and Evolution of Stars and Disks", page 3 in Protostars and Planets III, eds E. H. Levy and J. I. Lunine, The University of Arizona Press.