April 15, 1999 CfA Colloquium

Title: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Status, Delays, Successes, and Science!)

Speaker: Michael Vogeley

Abstract: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is an ambitious project to obtain precisely-calibrated five band photometry and moderate-resolution spectroscopy over 10,000 square degrees in the North Galactic Cap and deeper imaging and spectroscopy over a smaller area in the South. Since achieving first light in May 1998, the commissioning phase of the special-purpose 2.5m telescope and 54 CCD imaging camera has yielded driftscan photometry over several hundred square degrees which have been used to test the hardware and software systems. Commissioning of the spectroscopic survey mode will begin shortly, in preparation for targetting the brightest one million galaxies and one hundred thousand quasars identified from SDSS photometry. I will discuss the status of the project, plans for the future, and exciting scientific results from analysis of the photometric test data.

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Lunch on Friday at 12:30 in the classroom