Galaxies & Cosmology Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Special Note
Tue 01/16/2018
  1. Lorenzo Lovisari (CfA)
  2. Laura Prichard (Oxford)
  1. X-ray morphological study of the ESZ sample
  2. A massive cluster in its youth: kinematics and ages for cluster galaxies at z = 1.80
Tue 01/23/2018
  1. Yuanyuan Su (CfA)
  2. Jonathan Pober (Brown University)
  1. Searching for Warm Gas in a Cool-Core Cluster Using the Hisaki Planet Observatory
  2. What can 21 cm Observations Tell Us About Galaxies During Reionization?
Tue 01/30/2018
  1. Andrew Hearin (Argonne National Laboratory)
  2. Charlotte Mason (UCLA)
  1. Self-consistent empirical modeling of the evolution of galaxy morphology
  2. What Can Galaxies Tell Us About The Epoch of Reionization?
Tue 02/06/2018
  1. Katherine Whitaker (U. Connecticut)
  2. Myoungwon Jeon (U. Arizona)
  1. Star Formation, Dust, and Galaxy Structure: What does it mean to be average?
  2. Formation of the First Galaxies and their Connection to Local Dwarfs
Tue 02/13/2018
  1. Anna Schauer (Uni Heidelberg)
  2. Benjamin Johnson (CfA)
  1. The influence of streaming velocities on the formation of the first stars and black holes
  2. Stellar Population Inference with Prospector
Tue 02/20/2018
  1. Carl Rodriguez (MIT)
  2. Sten Hasselquist (New Mexico State)
  1. Creating a new generation of (highly spinning and very massive) binary black hole mergers
  2. APOGEE Chemical Abundances of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy System
Tue 02/27/2018
  1. Mike Anderson (MPA)
  2. Andrew Wetzel (UC Davis)
  1. HST/COS FUV spectroscopy of an Ha-emitting filament in M87, and a physical model for the structure of the filament
  2. Simulating Milky Way-like Galaxies with Realistic Satellite Populations
Tue 03/06/2018
  1. Joaquin Vieira (University of Illinois)
  2. Nir Mandelker (Yale)
  1. Future Far-Infrared Surveys for Galaxy Evolution
  2. Cold Filamentary Accretion and the Formation of Metal Poor Globular Clusters and Halo Stars
Tue 03/13/2018
  1. Nick Devereux (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
  2. Denija Crnojevic (Texas Tech)
  1. Giant broad-line regions in dwarf Seyferts
  2. Resolving the extended stellar halos of nearby galaxies: the future of Near-Field Cosmology
Tue 03/20/2018
  1. Lauren Anderson (Simons Foundation)
  2. Azadeh Moradinezhad Dizgah (Harvard University)
  1. Improving Gaia Parallax Precision with a Data-Driven Model of Stars
  2. Line intensity mapping as a probe of primordial non-Gaussianity
Tue 03/27/2018
  1. Cara Battersby (U.Connecticut)
  2. Kung-Yi Su (Caltech)
  1. Exposing Star Formation in our Galaxy's Center: A Window into the Distant Universe
  2. Suppressing cooling flows in massive galaxies with turbulent stirring
Tue 04/03/2018
  1. Louis Johnson (Princeton)
  2. Yi-Kuan Chiang (Johns Hopkins University)
  1. MASSIVE Black Holes in the Radio
  2. Which Galactic dust map should I use? Insights from extragalactic tomography
Tue 04/10/2018
  1. Rongmon Bordoloi (MIT)
  2. Maria Jesus Jimenez Donaire (CfA)
  1. The Tale of Circumgalactic Gas: Large and Small scales
  2. EMPIRE: Probing the dense, star-forming gas across entire, nearby disk galaxies
Tue 04/17/2018
  1. Mark Brodwin (University of Missouri)
  1. Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS)