Galaxies & Cosmology Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Tue 09/04/2018
  1. Mohammad Safarzadeh (ASU)
  2. Warren Brown (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
  1. r-process enrichment of the lightest galaxies by fast merging neutron star binaries
  2. CfA Optical/Infrared Telescopes, Instruments, and Time Allocation
Tue 09/11/2018
  1. Johan Samsing (Princeton)
  2. Eric Pellegrini (Heidelberg University)
  1. Black Hole Mergers in Dense Stellar Systems
  2. WARPFIELD II-EMP: The Connection between Cluster Growth and ISM Emission: Time-Dependent Hii+PDR emission from Self-Regulated Star Formation
Tue 09/18/2018
  1. Meng Gu (Harvard)
  2. Sara Issaoun (Radboud)
  1. Hierarchical Assembly of Stellar Envelopes in Galaxy Clusters
  2. Sagittarius A* at 86 GHz: first results from VLBI with ALMA
Tue 09/25/2018
  1. Nick Devereux (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
  1. Giant Broad-line Regions in Low-luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
Tue 10/02/2018
  1. Boris Leistedt (NYU)
  2. Andrew Emerick (Columbia)
  1. Forward, causal modeling galaxy photometry
  2. Feedback and Chemical Enrichment in Low Mass Dwarf Galaxies: Insights from Simulations Tracking Individual Stars
Tue 10/09/2018
  1. Emily Cunningham (UCSC)
  2. Fangzhou Jiang (Hebrew University Jerusalem)
  1. HALO7D: Disentangling the Milky Way Accretion History with Observations in 7 Dimensions
  2. Formation of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies in the field and in galaxy groups
Tue 10/16/2018
  1. Jingzhe Ma (UC Irvine)
  2. Chervin Laporte (U Victoria)
  1. The formation and evolution of high-redshift dusty galaxies
  2. Footprints of the Sagittarius dwarf on the Galactic disc from the outer disc to the 6-D Gaia Volume
Tue 10/23/2018
  1. Irene Shivaei (U Arizona)
  2. Vadim Semenov (U Chicago)
  1. Star formation rate diagnostics at high redshifts
  2. How Galaxies Form Stars
Tue 10/30/2018
  1. Chiara Feruglio (INAF)
  2. Deyan Mihaylov (University of Cambridge )
  1. ALMA mapping of the molecular gas in the first QSOs and their environment
  2. An astrometric search method for gravitational waves with arbitrary polarization modes using data from Gaia
Tue 11/06/2018
  1. Sarah Loebman (UC Davis)
  2. Rachel Frisbie (University Michigan)
  1. Simulating the Evolving Milky Way in the Era of Gaia
  2. Properties of the Hot Circumgalactic Medium of Early Type Galaxy Hosts with Powerful Radio Sources
Tue 11/13/2018
  1. Dan Wik (University of Utah)
  2. Tsang Keung Chan (UC San Diego)
  1. Making Hard (X-ray) Lemonade: Pushing the Scientific Limits of NuSTAR
  2. How stellar feedback and cosmic rays shape galaxies and their halos
Tue 11/27/2018
  1. Nicha Leethochawalit (Caltech)
  2. Stephen A. Walker (NASA)
  1. Stellar-phase Mass - Metallicity Relation
  2. The physics of galaxy cluster outskirts
Tue 12/04/2018
  1. Andreas Faisst (IPAC)
  2. Gabriela Calistro Rivera (Leiden University)
  1. Galaxies in the Early Universe: The view from the newest observations with Spitzer, ALMA, and HST
  2. The Colours of the Extreme Universe : Pushing the frontiers of panchromatic studies of star forming galaxies and AGN
Tue 12/11/2018
  1. Tracy Clarke (NRL)
  2. Xin Wang (UCLA)
  1. Mining the Sky for Cluster Radio Emission
  2. The First Census of Precise Metallicity Gradients in Dwarf Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
Tue 02/19/2019
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