Galaxies & Cosmology Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Tue 09/03/2019
  1. Daisuke Nagai (Yale)
  1. A New Platform for Cosmology & Galaxy Formation
Tue 09/10/2019
  1. Philip Engelke (Johns Hopkins University)
  2. Suoqing Ji (Caltech)
  1. OH as an Alternate Tracer for Molecular Gas in the Galaxy
  2. The Cosmic Ray-Dominated Circumgalactic Medium
Tue 09/17/2019
  1. L. Y. Aaron Yung
  2. Georgios Valogiannis (Cornell)
  1. Semi-Analytic Forecasts for JWST and beyond: an efficient pipeline for galaxy formation & cosmic reionization
  2. Testing gravity with cosmology: efficient simulations, novel statistics and analytical approaches
Tue 09/24/2019
  1. Karina Voggel (University of Utah)
  2. Yuri Beletsky (Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory)
  1. The potential of surviving nuclear star clusters as new tracers of galaxy evolution
  2. Service Observing at Magellan
Tue 10/01/2019
  1. Christina C. Williams (University of Arizona)
  2. Danilo Marchesini (Tufts University)
  1. The view of early massive galaxies in the run up to JWST
  2. Dusty Galaxies in the Distant Universe
Tue 10/08/2019
  1. Lamiya Mowla (Yale)
  2. Ivanna Escala (Caltech)
  1. Breaking the law? A revised view of the relation between the sizes and masses of galaxies since z~3
  2. First Alpha and Iron Element Abundances in the Outer Disk, Giant Stellar Stream, and Inner Halo of Andromeda
Tue 10/15/2019
  1. Chad Bustard (University of Wisconsin)
  2. Anowar Shajib (UCLA)
  1. Cosmic Ray Driven Outflows from the LMC: A Case-Study in the Galaxy Gas Cycle
  2. Increased Hubble tension with a new measurement of the Hubble constant using strong lensing
Tue 10/22/2019
  1. Anil Chandra Seth (University of Utah)
  2. T. K. Daisy Leung (Cornell University & Flatiron Institute)
  1. Black Holes in Low Mass Galaxies
  2. Observations and Simulations of Submillimeter line emission in the Early Universe
Tue 10/29/2019
  1. Alexa Villaume (UCSC)
  2. James Aguirre (University of Pennsylvania)
  1. Galactic Archeology of the Brightest Cluster Galaxy M87
  2. Studying the Peak of Cosmic Star Formation with TIM
Tue 11/05/2019
  1. Yi-Kuan Chiang (Johns Hopkins)
  2. Kareem El-Badry (Berkeley)
  1. Intensity Mapping Tomography: Cosmic UV Background and Beyond
  2. Wide binaries as dynamical probes
Tue 11/12/2019
  1. Kirk Barrow (Stanford)
  2. Maya Fishbach (Chicago)
  1. Blue Galaxies: Modeling Nebular He II Emission in High Redshift Galaxies
  2. Cosmology with Gravitational-Wave Standard Sirens
Tue 11/19/2019
  1. Toby Brown (McMaster University)
  2. Peter Zeidler (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  1. The Life Cycle of Galaxies: internal and external processes regulating their gas content
  2. The stellar kinematics of resolved young star clusters
Tue 12/03/2019
  1. Abigail Polin (Berkeley)
  2. Patrick Breysse (University of Toronto)
  1. TBD
  2. TBD
Tue 12/10/2019
  1. Kenta Hotokezaka (Princeton)
  2. Hannah Übler (MPE)
  1. TBD
  2. TBD